Frequently asked questions

We are very happy that you noticed our event and provide you some most common questions beeing asked by the participants of CR Moto events:

1. What is the procedure of reselling entry to CR Moto events:

- first of all new person (buyer) have to register to the event at our web Waiitng list if the event sold out.
- the person who is selling (seller) have to write an email ( to us and inform us about the name (email) of seller data and buyer data (name, surname and email address). Also seller have to attach  payment confirmation so that we could easyer fint it.
- after that we will note it in our system and buyer will receive and email with payment confirmation

2. What is the cost of changing participant:

- it is free of charge.
- it is not allowed to sell single sessions or part of the day, you can sell only complete day or two.

3. When Can I enter the track before the event:

- usually you can enter the track from 7 p.m. day before the event starts. Please read an info about the vent.

4. Where can I find the pictures after the event? When it will be published?

- we post pictures free of charge on our FB page - CR Moto.
- usually it is being loaded at once after we receive it from photographer.
- we do not store more pictures in our PC's than it is loaded on our FB page.
- if you want higher resolution pictures, please contact the photographer which is usually noted in our album.